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The Girl Boss Meetup January Edition

It was all fun and eye opening sessions yesterday as we gathered at Belgian Rose, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria, for the first edition of The Girl Boss Meetup. I will not bore you with too much text, let the images speak as a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

A little recap of events

Almost all of us arrived early and the event started (we so meant business, we still do!) We made introductions which goes beyond mentioning names and what we do, the introductions also included each participant talking about where she is in her business/career and how she hopes the event will facilitate growth.

We got down to business of the day and everything went as planned. Learn more about The Girl Boss Meetup and make sure to make it a date with us at the next edition.


4 Hazards of enrolling your kids in a distant school

Distant school in this post is translated to NON-BOARDING distant school.

Education is a crucial process in the growth of a child. However, in the course of giving your ward the best education you may unknowingly overlook some safety factors.

The school you like to enrol your child in may be the best based on referral or experience; you probably attended the same school, and you want your child to get the same quality education you had. Keep in mind that this is not enough reason to select the best school. The best school should offer maximum comfort and safety both in and outside its environment.

Before you take your kids to that distant school please put the following measures in place:

1. Be ready to take full responsibility

Ensure that they arrive home early after school in order to freshen up, work on their assignments and still get time to relax. See to it that they go to bed early so as to wake up early and get set for the long day ahead.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you are unable to ensure the aformentioned, then be aware of the hazards your kids may be exposed to if you put them in a distant non-boarding school.

  • Exposure to hostile adults
  • Commuting risks
  • Poor health
  • Poor assimilating ability
  • Exposure to hostile adults

If your kids commutes to school on their own, you put them at the risk of coming in contact with hostile adults. Imagine if they had to get on a bus and an impatient adult is behind them. The kid’s movement might not be fast enough for the adult, who may push him aside or headfirst into the vehicle causing injury to the child. To avoid this and other incidence, make sure you drive your kids to school. Better still, use the school bus or have an arrangement with a trusted cabbie to pick and drop them everyday.

2. Commuting risk

Dear parents, it is very risky to put your child in a distant non-boarding school for whatever reason without commuting with them to and fro. I see some of these kids everyday on grade A expressways or when they try to board cabs. They are always unable to conduct themselves well with regards to automobile accidents. Some of them just cross the road without looking well for oncoming vehicles. At times, the seemingly careful ones walk up to adults to help them navigate the road. While the kid is innocent and just wants to get to school, the adult he went to for help might be hostile or have a negative hidden agenda.

3. Poor health

Frequent commuting to and fro school and waking up too early to prepare for school can cause stress which is a health risk to your child. You may think that you are training them into early-bird adults, but that is not the best way to go about it. Even an early-bird adult that does not slow down will eventually breakdown.

4. Poor assimilation

This is an obvious negative result of your child’s daily schedule. The child wakes up early to prepare for school, then next comes the struggle of getting to her destination. She might arrive school feeling tired already from the journey. This would affect her level of concentration during classes. To worsen the situation, she takes the same stressful journey back home and still gets tired to do any revision. Even her social life will be poor as there will hardly be any time for social activities except during the weekends.

Education is expensive but the price should not be at the risk of your child’s health or safety. Consider the aforementioned when you need to make a school choice for your kids so as to help them get the best out of education.


The Girl Boss Haven schedule for 2018

Happy new year to you, I hope you entered 2018 with lots of energy and a burning desire to get more done this year, just like I did. I am writing this post to show you what to expect on The Girl Boss Haven this year, some of which I have highlighted below.

My virtual assistant course

I created a virtual assistant course last year to show people how they can use their skills to earn money from anywhere through virtual assisting. This course is based on my experience as a virtual assistant, customer service executive and other support roles I have worked at in various organisations. I am an everyday learner so I will always share current and up-to-date information with you throughout the course.

2018 blog schedule

The initial fee for this course was N50,000 but it is now available at N30,000 to make it accessible to every one who wants to earn from anywhere. Go here to learn more about this course and take the first module free. In addition to the desire to monetize your skills, taking the first module will help you further decide if becoming a virtual assistant is the route you should take actualize your goal.

The Girl Boss Meetup

This is a monthly meetup to help participants plan their monthly goals and work out workable tasks to help them crush the goals. Learn more about The Girl Boss Meetup here.

Other activities

  1. Expect up to 3 new posts on the blog every week
  2. There will also be live video classes on the Facebook group twice a month
  3. Expect lots of downloads – printables, worksheets, checklists, etc.
  4. Collaborations
  5. Giveaways
  6. What else would you like to see here? Do let me know

Go here to learn more about The Girl Boss Haven. Join my mailing list to receive post alerts, freebies, event notifications, blog resources, printable and other goodies in your mailbox.

The above is just some of the activities I have in stock for this year, and as with every other plan, it is not set in stone. I will make adjustments to add or subtract as the need arises and you will always be the first to know of any update.

Enjoy 🙂

Toyin Adekola


Finding the perfect daycare for your little one

You are a new mum whose maternity leave is spent and it’s time to get back to work. This means spending hours away from your baby during work days.

If you have no option of keeping the baby at home with a family member nor have the privilege of taking him/her to work, you are probably left with the daycare option.

This post will show you the important areas to focus on when you go searching for a daycare.

1. The environment

Your baby deserves to be kept in a neat environment as that is where he/she would spend over 5 hours of his/her days five times a week.

So be a detective and take note of every minute detail. You might even create a checklist and cross out the following questions as necessary:

  • Is the environment neat?
  • Are the nursery rooms bright or gloomy?
  • Are there harmful objects lying around?
  • Is the area noisy or not?
  • Is there air pollution or not?

The list goes on. You must be satisfied at least up to 90% in terms of conducive environment before making the daycare your choice.

2. Childminder’s appearance

How is she dressed? Make sure you see her palms, fingernails, hair and her general appearance. You can judge a person’s hygiene from their appearance. Be free to make your judgement at first glance and do not look back if you are not satisfied.

You cannot be too choosy when finding a perfect daycare for your little one

3. Facilities

Facilities range from social amenities to the items a baby needs to be comfortable. Are the cots well placed? Do they pass acceptable standards? What about the play area? Are the toys in that area neatly arranged?

Even if you would supply your baby’s toys and cot, the daycare center should at least be ready for good business and have their tools in place.

4. Decorum

For safety and security reasons, do not enrol your baby in a chaotic daycare environment. Ensure and take note of the following arrangements which must be available and functional in your daycare of choice.

  • Feeding area must be neat
  • How many children are paired per childminder?
  • Is the nursery choky and gloomy or airy and bright?
  • How were you admitted into the area? Was there any security vetting at the gate post?

Be concerned about how the workers conduct themselves and how they carry out their duties. Although, you may not be able to conclude just in few minutes if they are rude or kind but your motherly instincts will give you a glimpse of their real attitude at first meeting.

5. Proximity

In addition to the above points, your definition of finding a perfect daycare should be that your choice is close to your place of work. With this, you are able to check on your little one during office breaks.

Also dropping him/her in the morning and picking him/her up after close of work would be a smooth process.

While the above considerations​ are not exhaustive, they are basic arrangements that must be available at a standard daycare where safety and security is guaranteed.

Have you ever been in a position to put your child in a daycare after maternity leave? How was your experience in finding the perfect daycare for your baby?


Impress your clients with this single act

When was the last time you sold at a discount price to your favorite client?

Probably today. Am I right or wrong?

We will come to this later.

I have another question – when was the last time your favorite popular brand gave you a discount or gift for being a loyal customer?

Probably some years back, but you can still remember it vividly. And because of that gift, you feel obligated to remain with the brand, as long as it keeps giving you the value you demand.

You remember the discount your popular brand gave you years ago because it made the offer a big deal. The offer appealed to your inner sense so much that you decided to keep the memory for long.

If you shop on Jumia or Konga, you should know that feeling you get when you receive a voucher of N2000 which you might not even be able to use unless you buy items worth at least N30,000.

You would feel cherished and remembered, and even if you were broke without plans of shopping anytime soon, the voucher mail would make you at least visit the online store. At this point, I and your budget will gather to pray for your insatiable wants….

Make it a big deal

Back to my first question – you need to start making your discounts a big deal. Start acting like your favorite brand.

You are probably wondering how this will impress your clients as against the casual discount rates and end of year gifts. I am not saying you should not give discount or gifts, in fact, they are good customer retention strategies. But then, you need to make your offers stick in your customers memory for a long time so that you can own their loyalty.

You need to make them look forward to receiving gifts, unlike the way you offer presently which some of your customers might even think that the discount price is the normal selling price. Let them know that you are putting careful thoughts into your giveaways.

How to impress your clients

You see what the big brands do is to spend huge amount of money to advertise their discount prices or giveaways, so you know that a lot of other people are aware of the promo. When you win, you feel special, that wow, with the huge number of participants, you are lucky to be among the winners. It is at this point that you start seeing only one brand when you want to buy noodles because of the bicycle your son won, or because of the 5 extra packs they gave you for buying a carton.

You have been impressed, at almost no extra financial cost to the company.

So, when next you want to give a discount, consider careful packaging in order to make a lasting impression on your customer. Here are some tips:

  1. Instead of asking your favorite customer to pay N200 for a commodity that every other person pays N250 for, allow her pay the full price always. Then add up the discount you would have given her and buy a gift to present her. Tag it as a gift to a loyal customer.
  2. Send gift boxes to your customers. It does not have to contain expensive items at all. Get a customized medium sized card, pen down few lines of gratitude, sign beneath it and spray some nice perfume in the box and have it delivered to your client.

Start appealing to your customers on an emotional and personal level. This will impress them more than offering frequent discounts because, they can always pay less elsewhere, but it is not as common to find a thoughtful vendor.

Do you have a more fun idea of how to implement this tip? Do share with us.


Five smart tips for shopping on Black Friday

Another awoof* season is here and we cannot wait to pounce on the shopping malls to shop for various items of our choice. I am also on the queue. It is important not to get carried away in our excitement, as shopping on Black Friday poses some risks alongside its benefits.

Here are some tips that will help you get the full gains of shopping on Black Friday.

1. Be prepared

You can accomplish this by having a list of the items you want to buy and the stores you plan to get them from. If you are shopping online, make sure your device is ready (well charged and working in perfect condition) and you have enough data to do your shopping.

Also have your size, the color of the item, the brand and other necessary information that would speed up your shopping ready because Black Friday is a mad race for the fast ones.

2. Start shopping early

Start shopping early as some of the items you are interested in might be put on countdown timers (flash sale). The earlier you start shopping, the better it is for you to get exactly what you want out of Black Friday.

Also, if you want your order delivered on time, you should start shopping early as sales will extremely rise to the point that delivery might be delayed.


2. Make yourself comfortable

If you are shopping offline, be careful not to be trapped in the crowd and also be vigilant. In fact, dress very smartly and hold your belongings close.

For safety reasons, it is advisable not to take your little ones along if you are shopping from a store that would be over crowded on Black Friday.

After shopping, there may be a long queue for payment, make yourself comfortable by finding someplace to sit while you wait for your turn, you may also pass time by playing games or listening to music on your mobile device.

4. Pay on delivery

The advantages of paying on delivery cannot be overemphasized especially if you are shopping online.

One, if the item delivered is not satisfactory, you may simply reject the order and take your money to the offline malls for a better alternative; no time wasted.

Another benefit is that the mad rush does not only occur on the buyers’ side; there is a crazier rush on the online stores end as they will be working non stop and tirelessly to meet delivery deadlines. So, if you do not get your delivery on time, you could just take your money to another store, online or offline. Again, no disappointment.

5. Be sure of the return policy before paying

For you not to be stuck with an item that you cannot make use of, make sure the items you are buying qualify for returns on the Returns Policy of the store you are shopping from.

What are your tricks for shopping on Black Friday?


*Nigerian pidgin for surplus.


Five types of bowls you should have in your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. We are always shopping for our kitchen because we like to keep it up to date with all necessary items as we spend ample time in the kitchen cooking, baking, frying, and so on.

From large appliances to small ones, plastic, stainless, wooden, electronic, non electronic; name them, the kitchen is home to variety of items. Each of these items, no matter how simple or complex it looks, play important roles in our daily cooking affair.

Today, we will be looking at five types of bowls and why they are essential items in our kitchen.

Mixing bowl

Mixing bowl is usually rounded at the bottom without breaking lines. It is designed to sit firmly on the counter or any flat surface. The rounded bottom is designed to enable you stir your paste to any degree without friction.

A mixing bowl is important on occasions when you are unable to make use of your electric mixer, or when the substance that you want to mix does not require the electric mixer. On these occasions, the mixing bowl is a very good and convenient substitute.

Water scooper

This bowl is usually small in size with long handles. You can make use of it in the bathroom as well to scoop bathe water. It is typically used in the kitchen to scoop water from a storage without having to contaminate the water with your hands.

You can also use it when you are working away from a tap where you can easily fetch water. A good occasion when this bowl is most important is if you are cooking and you are the type that don’t cook with water fetched directly from the tap. You can take water from your storage with this bowl.

bowl-469295_1280Serving bowl

Serving bowl is a multipurpose bowl that comes in various materials such as plastic, stainless, and glassware. It is used to serve such as vegetables and liquid food. Some serving bowls have lids which are used to protect the items in it from germs. 

You need serving bowls to serve a large quantity of food from which the eaters can take their smaller portions for consumption.

Medium sized multipurpose bowl

This bowl as the name implies, is usually medium sized and it serves a variety of purpose. It can be used as a hand wash basin, miscellaneous items storage, spice storage, etc. It is usually made with plastic.

Food storage bowl

Food storage bowl is made with plastic and it usually has a perforated lid. The lid is designed with two locks on opposite side to provide a tight locked effect.

It is usually used to store foods inside the freezer in order to keep it fresh, compared to if the food is left inside the pot and reheated all the time. The food storage bowl is microwave oven safe.

Which of these bowls is missing in your kitchen? Make sure to include it on your list for your next shopping.