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Girls in Business (formerly Girl Boss Haven) is a an online community focused on publishing career and business growth content for women. We also organize online training and offline events. Whether you are a work at home mom, stay at home mom, employee or business woman, we have rich content to help you excel in your works. You are welcome to join us 🙂

Our aim is to be the go-to community for the woman who is curious about building a career or running a business and needs simple answers.

Below are some of our fun programs you don’t want to miss.

1. Girlboss of the week

Girlboss of the week is a weekly series where we showcase a hardworking business woman to inspire our audience with her works and achievement.

We invite you to be a Girlboss of the week to inspire fellow women. To participate, send the following to hello@thegirlboss.com.ng

  • Your motivational quote
  • Instagram username
  • Brief bio
  • Website link

Please send in only original content, as one of the aims of Girls in Business is to showcase the uniqueness of women and how we use it to scale daily hurdles and remain strong.

2. Girls in Business community

Our community is hosted on Facebook in a closed group and designed to help you navigate daily business activities and network with business women. The community is made up of supportive women who are ready to listen and support each other in career and work-life balance whether as a work at home mom, stay at home mom, employee or business woman. We also touch health topics as being healthy is paramount to being successful. Learn more and become a member here.

3. Business women directory

We have a mini directory on the blog where we list women-owned businesses. The aim of this feature is to showcase powerful women who are contributing to the development of other women by offering products and services that solve problems.

Go here to see the existing listings and also add yours. Did we mention that it is free?

4. Girls in Business Hangout

Girls in Business Hangout (formerly The Girl Boss Meetup) is a bi-monthly event we host to have girl bosses (in career or business) come together to contribute expertise and ideas for the purpose of developing each other personally, in career and business. Learn more about Girls in Business Hangout here.

5. Thursday Tips and Tricks

Every Thursday, we publish workable hacks, tips and tricks to simplify your career and business endeavors. We also cover money saving tips and will start holding giveaway sessions in the near future.

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